We build your Hip Registry so you don't have to.

As well as customizing and installing your Registry, we can provide the following support and services

  • Dataset creation (we have been involved in datasets for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and UK)
  • Patient forms for paper collection of data if required.
  • Data collection spreadsheet.
  • User registration and technical support. (note this does not include clinical support)
  • Ethics applications. (We have seen a few of these now)
  • Region definition and grouping for reporting.
  • National report publication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will own it?

This is important when it comes to ethics approval and approving data access. Knowing who controls the data is the first step in getting ethics approval.

As far as the database goes, you own the all the data and we will include all reasonable change requests while under the annual maintenance agreement.

We ensure that we have no access to your data by siloing the data from the code. We can maintain the database without touching the raw data.

Who will pay for it?

In every instance (UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong) the costs have been shared by several bodies. We have worked very hard to keep the costs down but it helps with solidarity if the load is shared.

Who will host it?

Data storage should be handled by a trusted local data store that already collects patient identifiable data. We will work with them to ensure their security protocols are followed.

Who will approve it?

Do individual hospitals have to have ethics approval or can this be done at a higher level. Some countries allow national approval but in others, individual hospitals have to get approval to collect the data.

How much will it cost?

We have stripped out the fat and can build a new registry with all the bells and whistles for less than you would think. This is based on our seven years experience with registries around the world.

The database and website, built to spec with dynamic reporting, including installation on your server costs only US$50,000. We also require subscription to have a yearly maintenance program for US$12,000 which includes quarterly system updates and minor changes to support any changes in reporting or mobile device specifications.

This doesn't include a tech person on site, but with other clients that we support, using teleconferencing and screen sharing software (Skype, Lync for example) we can normally cover all of your requirements.

Should you wish us to come and meet with the stakeholders to show how useful and secure our application is, we would ask you to cover the travel costs.

How long will it take?

With our full time Database Design Team we can start work on your dataset immediately. We are experienced at building and delivering these kind of datasets with all the various options that you may require.

Once the final dataset has been approved, we can provide a clear timeline for development, implementation and any extra features requested.

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